Not a Wisdom of this Age, version 2

Do you remember the first time

you read through The Hobbit? Trying

to figure out the riddles –

unless you chose to cheat – trying

to think around that one specific corner. And

unless you are very clever,

you couldn’t quite find the trick, couldn’t quite

turn that corner by yourself


Until one or the other showed you,

and then you sat back in your chair,

and slapped your forehead –

“Of course!”

Or maybe “How did I miss that?”

Or maybe the middle school special “Duh!”


From that point on, you could not help but

see the trick, the turn, the way around the corner.


And if you’re like me, you told it to

the uninitiate you knew, and delighted

to show them the same turn.


“…a secret and hidden wisdom of God…”

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