The Mark

Pull back into your chest, deep, back, and down. Train your eyes, your sights, down the lane and find the one thing you seek in that sea of green and blue. Pull back. Push down. And feel, and see, and hear your hope arc up, and fall down. And if you are good – or […]

Something Together

I wonder why music has always appealed. Why from just after time, rhythm and melody have entranced and befuddled; Plato to Zwigli; Aristotle to everyone else. Something about that sharp split of air by the long-sustained violin, or the flute pulsing to breath-beat, veering off towards separation. Something about families wailing, but wailing together, in unison […]

Ancient Joy

To feel your breath in your fingers, as once I read it, is to receive instant feedback, immediate expression of your art; to hold in your hands, tunes older than you. And out the back door with the punters. All those who don’t understand this joy.   This ancient joy.   A little St. Patrick’s […]


What an awful responsibility! To see a man, soul to soul, and give him what he deserves, what his deeds have earned him. To hear his last words, the next to last human sounds, besides the final wet roll of his crown, to give sentence and take life. What an awful responsibility!   This is […]