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If you don’t know about Wordle, you’re missing out. It’s quite fun and interesting, especially since you can enter your blog address and get a sense of what you’re on about. I’ve done some for my blogs, and will be posting them here. You should check it out!

(there are also some interesting applications for education, which I might write more about later, probably on All Through One Lens.


“Every happy ma…

“Every happy man should have some one with a little hammer at his door to knock and remind him that there are unhappy people, and that, however happy he may be, life will sooner or later show its claws, and some misfortune will befall him — illness, poverty, loss, and then no one will see or hear him, just as he now neither sees nor hears others. But there is no man with a hammer, and the happy go on living, just a little fluttered with the petty cares of every day, like an aspen-tree in the wind — and everything is all right.’”

— Anton Chekhov “Gooseberries”